Five on five snowball fight!
Note: Pathfinding seems to have broken down and it'll report a lot of errors in the output but the game still works. Lost the source so I can't do much with that.

I'll be entering this game in Lummox Jr's snow fight contest!

Five on five; defaults to using AI, but as players log in the AI will be replaced (if any are left).

Playing the Game:
Controls are listed in the game.
A,S,D,W - Move
J - Throw
K - Dodge for about a second (Dread Balls can't be avoided)
L - Build a wall

The goal is for your team to be the last standing. You also get points, if your team wins:
3 points - Hitting an enemy
2 points - Dodging
1 point - Build or break a wall, or break a tree

Mastering the Game:
Snowballs can curve! If you are moving and toss a snowball, it will end up being curved. This may also happen when just standing still. Being closer to a target will weaken this effect.

To get a snowball, you need to survive for at least three seconds:
3 Seconds - Normal Snowball (white; 1:8 to break a wall)
6 Seconds - Fast Snowball (blue; 1:4 to break a wall; twice as fast)
9 Seconds - Killer Snowball (yellow; 1:2 to break a wall; passes through anyone it hits, multiple hits)
30 Seconds - Dread Snowball (black; always breaks a wall; can't be dodged)

Trees can be broken by either side, but are twice as hard to break than snow walls.

You need a Fast Snowball to build a wall, and at least a Normal Snowball to dodge. Doing either of these actions will use up your current snowball.

Walls will take oncoming snowballs while allowing you to toss your own over them! They can only be built when three or less are surrounding you (to prevent boxing yourself in). A single wall might not be enough to save you.

More powerful snowballs will pass through lesser snowballs, and cancel out equal snowballs.

As time goes on, things will become far more frantic! Can you weather the storm? When a Blizzard hits, the game speeds up!