Pokemon Serenity Hub

by Visser Three
Hub Design for Pokemon Serenity

Current News: Pokemon Serenity;Reborn by Kumorii and Visser Three is now in progress!



1. No Spamming.

2. No Swearing.

3. Do not abuse bugs- report them immediately.

4. Do not disrespect players or staff members.

5. Refrain from excessive amounts of CAPS in Wsay.

6. No Pornographic or Sexual content is permitted in ANY way.

7. Do not ask for or tell the answer to riddles.
--Do not share codes for the hidden Pokemon.

8. Do not advertise other BYOND games.

9. Do not search for staff or assistance with your own game.

10. Do not bring any form of hatred / Malice onto the game.

11. Do not ask for a staff position or stat boost.

Please Note: Pokemon is copyright Gamefreak Inc. 2010 All Rights

Kumorii and Visser Three are in no way affiliated with Nintendo, Gamefreak,
or other official Pokemon company.