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I keep getting an error that says "BYOND central is not accessible." I also get an error that says "Could not find byond:// Central is not accessible." PLEASE HELP!
it means you have the same problem as i do, when you first install byond it works fine, then next time you try it doesnt work, the trick is to delete the byond file and reinstall and it should work fine
For some reason I can't find my character, (Zaber, Lvl 12 Wizard)

All it says when I log in is: Make a charater,Please help me get my character back
whats wrong with the sosaria serve?
Zenthia down?
Same prob i have 2 avatars on zentithia and i subscribe whats up? server down?
Yes Zenethia is indeed down
It was a problem with the server host
phew thanks rey! i need my questing!
Sosaria is also down, seems your midnight grind has been cancled xD
F5.... F5... F5.... *2 hours later* F5.... F5.... F5.... F5... F5.....

Insomnia strikes again
LOL as long as my character data is cool i guess i can wait...F5
10 hours later, still a no go. Server sploded!
Missing Server casts goodnight on Silk.

Silk falls asleep!
So there is no ETA on Zenithia? I guess it can't be helped. I was really looking forward to those updates too this morning.
I apologize for the downtime on Zenithia and Sosaria. Both servers are on the same VPS, which appears to have crashed or had a major network outage at some point last night. While it is true that I was out for the night, we do have people in place who can restart servers if they crash etc when I'm away (Ex: CableMonkey tried, and also emailed me to let me know about the issue). Unfortunately this appears to be a much larger problem with our host's data center that we don't have any control over.

After several phone calls, the latest I've been told is that they're expecting a fix around 1pm EST.

Coincidentally, I was already planning on moving Zenithia and Sosaria over to a new host this week anyway, so hopefully we won't have this problem again in the future. Thanks for being so understanding everyone - all of the players that I've talked to this morning have been pretty cool about this, and that helps a lot. We're as frustrated as you are!
LONG LIVE ZENITHIA! thanks silk u rule
We should steal microsoft's XBL servers
we'll never lag again with those haha
Thanks for the heads-up!
Can't wait for Zenithia to come back up. Congratulations, Silk. I am TOTALLY addicted to your game. @[email protected]
The servers are back online and the problem should now be fixed. Sorry about that; we're definitely going to be switching hosts ASAP.
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