by Frieza111
Super Mario World
I cannot update anymore I lost the code. My comp crashed.....

Version 5:
I have fixed level 7 up (Not that anyone has got to it yet). Now the icons look to the sides instead of infront all the time =D. And I am also gonna add who has gotton to the highest level in every update.

Version 4:
I have added 2 new levels. And if you get to world 3 and you die you will begin at the start of world 3.PLEASE READ AT THE BOTTOM ABOUT GM.

Version 3:
I have added 3 new levels now there are 7 levels. Also I got a new Mario icon(Thanx uub) I am planning too add Luigi and yoshi as selectable characters in the next version once you get to World 3 if you die you will start at the strart of World 3 instead of 1. I added a restart verb so if you get stuck because of a bug click Restart but if you do you will start at level 1 again.

1.No level warping players you may warp your self though.
2.DO NOT BAN people for no reason.

Also if you are not a GM don't ask too be one if I need a GM I will ask.

You can very easily get fustrated with this game. Just try and stay calm.