Dragonball Online

by Gohito2
Dragonball Online
The most advanced DBZ/GT game on Byond is back!
Dammit man, we actually had like 5 people on at the same time playing, and it was fun. Then the server goes down again!

I hope you read my email soon, I'd love to host 24/7!
Bring this game back and I promise I will become just as OP as I became fucking years ago.
Still waiting for this game to come back. If you're not going to host at least let other people download host files!
To anyone interested, I found a host file of an older version of this game, back when it was called DBO: Henkan Sai. The HUB page was taken down when all the DBZ games were purged from byond but the direct link to it is:


Just copy that into your browser or byond application to connect. I'll try to host it a lot for the next week or two and see if I can get any players to join and have fun reliving the old days. IDK when Gohito will host this game but I'm tired of waiting!
Hello everyone!

I know a lot of people miss the game and want it back with updates and everything.

So starting in December, I will be 24/7 hosting the game with constant updates. If you want to learn more info about the game reboot or want to join in on the closed and open beta, join the Discord link down below. I look forward to being able to revive the game and enjoy it with the community!

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