War Brothers

by Cubanbling
War Brothers
Medieval Game
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Here's a couple things added to War Brothers:

*Movement can now be done with the arrow keys and targeting with TAB.

*Party system is in, you may add an share experience with any party member around you.

*Npc in every major city that you may sell stuff to.

*Archers now have more skills

*Bandit World Quest is in, where players must participate together to destroy the Bandit Boss

*Enemies are a bit stronger and more aggressive

*Quests offer more experience

*Subscriber potion shops are in

*Problem with targeting is fixed.


Trading system and player shops.

Goblin world quest level 25 and up.

...continuation of Story Line.

Cave systems where your going to need items like ropes, and such to progress through them, and access new caves.

Bosses in every dungeon where you will need the cooperation of your party members.

A wanted system based off the Enemy kills a player from an opposite faction has. (Will explain later on)

And much much more to come!

If you have any suggestions please leave a comment or send me a pager.


Fixed Trader bug where you would sell items you had equipped.

Fixed saving bug.

Fixed party bug.

Modified the Bandit World Quest to make it much harder. Thanks to some players who are just too OP. ;(
Nice partys are done :)
Cool but I can't join
Its offline to fix some buggs
It's up
Glad to see you have so much done. Looking forward for more updates in the future!
idk if hunters can ride pets but id like rideable mounts and faction wars >:) but great job i loves it so far and the story made me want to play ^^
well anyone can buy a horse for 300k or a sub gets a horse for 1k
Make classes such as:

Carpenter - Gets Axe at start of career, cut trees and obtain wood. Can make weapons out of the wood collected such as... Wood Shield, Wood Bow, Wood Sword, Wood Armor, plus build houses. This career is unique which helps a person with making weapons and making big money for selling houses.

Alchemist - Making potions that you could not get from the NPC's. Making potions such as buff's, HP and MP Potions. Heres a little twist with this, they can poison the potions after they are experienced with this. This career makes money and also can help in defeating your opponents.

This is what I got so far still thinking of some more
Updates to add CB

-Higher lvl enemys
-Add Dungeons
-Fix party system
-Add new guilds (gladiators, assasians)
-Arena system (tournament)
-New WQ
-More XP for completing quest
- and Events.

also this feature is cool but deadly. It will also trigger and attract more users to play the game. But this feature on our game is optional, If you have read this far Cuban thank you. But please continue to read. This feature is deadly and cool, but it's up to the player if he wants to or he doesn't want to, I recommend you to make this a Special Feature. This feature will make your game famous, and as I see that this is original and also new. I hope you'd put this rare feature in your game....I hope you have read it so far. I'm not gonna say anything more, and by the way I'm not forcing you.... We call this feature Character Wipe Arena.

Character Wipe Arena System:
-A player challenges another player on an arena challenge. If a player get's defeated, the player's character will get wiped.
-The following actions is done by the guidance of a game Staff [GM, Owner]
-If a player is forcing another player to accept he's challenge. An automatic warning ban [1-2 Hour/s].
-3 rounds battle.
Thats to harsh 0.0
In response to Scyrus123
what good would the pwipe arena do?? It wouldnt make players play the game it make them quit it. Imagine if you work for weeks on a game and some no lifer challenges you and he kills you in it and then you have to pwipe. Would that make you think that this game is so awesome and make you recreate a character??? I myself would never ever play the game again. Like its really bad to delete somebodies hard work over something that like that.
In response to Scyrus123
Yeah that's a bit too much.
That character wipe idea doesn't really...make sense...
and I don't see how it would make his game famous.

A better idea would be arena battles in which people could fight, with the prize being sub items or rare gear and weapons.
^ I agree.
In response to Dariuc
Dariuc wrote:
That character wipe idea doesn't really...make sense...
and I don't see how it would make his game famous.

A better idea would be arena battles in which people could fight, with the prize being sub items or rare gear and weapons.

That's going to be part of the Gladiator's guild, where you can sign up to be a gladiator, fight players or monsters for prices.
cant wait for that.
from what i see... lots of inconsistent perspective, anatomy, and shading issues, ugly cluttered interface, and it overwhelmingly seems to be wishing it was spirit age which makes it look very uninspired. In order to make a beautiful world, you have really love that world.

My call: This will probably play extremely similar to or worse than Rise of the Pirates with many strides taken to improve the atmosphere which will ultimately lack coherence and end up hindering it
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