Dragonball : The End Is Near

by SSJ55_Gogeta
Dragonball : The End Is Near
Great Game its a Rebirth rip but of course im working on it ! what a silly question! hah anyways i do need some new iconers and coders and so on so click here for more info :D happy playing
Owner : SSJ55_Gogeta
Coder/Iconer/:Looking for new one
Iconer/ : Looking for new one
Host: Needed
Owner/Master Gm : SSJ55_Gogeta
GM Level 6 : None
GM Level 5 : None
GM Level 4 : None
GM Level 3 : None
GM Level 2 : None
GM Level 1 : None
GM Level Temp: None
Next Update
Fixed some bugs and so on and i cant say all but new updates coming soon
Contact me at : [email protected] if u want a job :D