Pirates of The Caribbean

by Sammywell
..::A Game inspired by the Movie::.. Under Heavy Construction
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Welcome to Pirates of the Caribbean

..:: Raise Your Colours High!!::..

Co Owner:Alex
Head Gm:Ayame
Idea Man:Falcon

Pirate Lords

Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea: Sammywell
Pirate Lord of the Black Sea:
Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea:
Pirate Lord of the Mediterranean Sea:
Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean:
Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean:
Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean:
Pirate Lord of the South China Sea:
Pirate Lord of the Adriatic Sea:

Pirate King

Captain Of The Flying Dutchman

Keeper of the Pirata Codex

Leader of the East India Trading Company

1. No killing Crew Members or You Will go to Davy Jones Locker
2.Captains Must be Level 40 or Over
3.Stealing the Pirata Codex will result in going to Davy Jones Locker
4.If you Stab the Captain of the Flying Dutchman's heart to bad u gotta take his place for 2 months. the Flying Dutchman must always have a captain hehe.
5.If a Pirate Lord Dies without giving his piece of eight to a successor his rank is still Pirate Lord.
6.The Pirate King Has All Right to take the rank of a pirate Lord away.
7.The onlyway to become a captain is to beat one in battle with the exception of Pirate Lords.

Gm Rules
1.All the Player Rules
2.Cannot Kill a Pirate Lord without proper reason
3.No Abusing Powers

Have Fun