Dragonball:Unreal Power

by Spree60
It's back from about a weeks delay, but now with new transformations, including the Sayain's ultimate transformation: Godly Super Sayain!

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Welcome to Dragonball:Unreal Power.It will have many different features added, and tons of stuff to come. So stick around!

First off, let's get to the staff list.

Owner(Control the game):

Co-Owner(Control the game):
[More Co-Owners to come]

Management(Control staff):
[Open Spot]

High Council(Watch game):
[Open Spot]

Staff Council(A "beginner" High Council):
[Open Spot]

Master Enforcer(Experienced Enforcer):
Abbie(Rap Dog)
[Open Spot]

Enforcer(Proved themself in application):
[Open Spot]

Trial Enforcer(Application accepted):
[Open Spot]

Go apply in the forums!