Ben 10 Demo

by Lyndonarmitage1
A demo of a system for the watch in Ben 10
After watching the children's cartoon Ben 10 (quite a few times I may add >.>) with my brother I looked around BYOND to see if there was a Ben 10 game and noticing that there seemed to be only one that looked almost active I decided to try my hand at making a demo based upon the concept of the Omnitrix (the device used to transform into an alien).

This is a demo of an incomplete game. Which means you will have to go look for the Omnitrix (Hint: its to the east of the map).

The DNA folder and creatures.dmi are required in order for the game to work, place them in the same directory as the DMB.

You can make your own aliens and add them to the DNA folder following the same format as those already in it.

Aliens are a culmination of those from the show, some made up and some from other fiction so I do not own all of them although their icons are mine. The base human icon is however from Spacestation13.

If this is popular enough then I may continue development.

I will NOT hand out the source to this project.
link is broken
I wished this worked i really need it.
Make this game playable I really want to work.