by AZ0123
A Simple BYOND Savefile Editor
Allows you to easily edit unencrypted BYOND savefiles. Any users caught using this program for anything but its intended purpose will lose their ability to use this program.

If you suspect a saveilfe was edited with az_EditSave, you can use az_CheckSave to verify who edited it and when. Sending an edited savefile to AZ0123[at]Gmail[.]com with a request for revokation of the editor's access to this program will be honored at my convienience. Please do not send faulty reports, or you may lose your access to these programs yourself.
how come i can't download
Its not lettin me play it.
It tookmeahie g t to satjus prob lag and bam, I`m on it
help me
it opens and the window that i shoud edited my self is blink O.o help me
its not possible to download
for those who cant download from here download it from this site az_EditSave.dmb?spec=svn2&r=2
This isnt active anymore, also the new link is faulty.... I need this file please pm me asap with a link to it

Uchiha Kukumea
Hmmm, well it appears this great editor is not downloadable anymore. If anyone still has it. Please send me it. I would appreciate it. I haven't been on BYOND much.
If someone could send me a link to the files or for some other Editor, I'd really appreciate it. Need to edit a certain file and the lack of being able to edit it is rather frustrating.