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Hey there classified-goers. I wanted to address a few changes to the Classified Ads forum that we feel could help benefit it.

Tagging and Keywords

As a means to allow for better and faster readability, I've added tags to the topic names of the threads. While it isn't a rule that you must include them, they're helpful, informative and allow potential clients to find what they're looking for faster.

When creating a thread, please word the title in a manner that allows a user browsing this forum to know what you're offering or asking for. A topic simply named "Hosting" doesn't convey whether you need a host or if you're offering to host.

The tags are:
  • [Paid] - In the event you're hiring someone, or want to be hired, specify with this tag that compensation* or some sort of fee should be involved.
    • * It should be noted that offering an administrative position for services rendered is not enough to be considered proper compensation.

  • [Unpaid] - For jobs you're hiring for that you cannot offer payment for, or for those offering their services for free.

Aside from tags, it'd also be beneficial to include the proper keywords for your thread for
greater search optimization.

Thread Content

When making a thread, please keep in mind the guidelines listed here. More often than not, we get posts that are very lacking in detail, so we end up having to delete them. Please make sure to include all necessary information in your ads so that everyone can get the most out of them!

Pixel artists offering their services! It would be very helpful to include some sort of portfolio of your art in your post. It allows potential employers to have a quick view of your capabilities and may lead to you getting hired!

ADDENDUM: Potential hosts! When offering your services, it would be nice if you listed your server specs so that users can know what sort of limitations they're working with if they go with your hosting.