by Tsfreaks
The Game of the Mediaeval City
BETA! - Please hold off on reviews until the Byond version of the game comes out of beta. Thank you.

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This is a Byond port of a popular board game called Cathedral. The following information was taken from the official Cathedral website which can be found here.

I encourage you to check out the creators of this wonderful game and consider adding this board game to your home collection. If you like chess even a little bit, you'll love this game.

"CATHEDRAL takes moments to learn, years to master. The rules are few which is one of its main attractions but as you will discover the possibilities are endless.

CATHEDRAL is based on the concept of a City surrounded by a wall. The board, divided into one hundred squares (10x10) represents the site of the city enclosed by the wall. The two sets of pieces, light (bright) and dark (brown) symbolize the buildings and the two opposing factions struggling to gain power and hence dictate the way the city will develop.

Then there is the CATHEDRAL the focal point of the city, a spiritual haven a place of sanctuary which mediates in the struggle and helps prevent one side from becoming too powerful and thus allows the city to develop in an orderly manner. But beware! There is still much to learn about cities and the forces which shaped them. Who knows what secrets lie hidden in this simple game waiting to be discovered."