Rise Of The Pirates

by Pride Ravanok
Rise Of The Pirates
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure!
System changes
- Defeat in Pvp will no longer automatically send you to your spawn. Instead it will Knock you out. Rendering you unconscious for 60 seconds.
- D Button function. Pressing the D button while in front of someone you have knocked out will open up a set of options. Though the picture explains a lot, I have to clarify to actually jail and collect a player's bounty you must have 5000 bounty hunting rep.

Bounty Hunting
As I said above, You require at least 5k Rep to bounty hunt. How do you get this? There are two new Npc's that will help you with this.

Hunter Fett and Hunter Boba don't mind Officer Kaio for the moment.

Hunter Fett will give you a repeatable quest. Not very difficult, however it will not yield a lot of reputation.

Hunter Boba will begin a quest chain, However more difficult it will yield a plenty amount of reputation.(The exp is not half bad either.)

How to Bounty Hunt
You are able to hunt either players or Npcs with a bounty. To successfully hunt an Npc you must first defeat it,
Once defeated with the D button you will begin to transport the Npc, Make your way to jail to turn them in. (Only jail is currently in Mydd desert)
Once there, You will collect Exp and Escudo equal to the Npc's bounty. (This being another alternative to grinding, Since the story line will not be introduced in the open testing phases.)

Bounty hunting player's is almost identical to bounty hunting npc. Select the capture Kill option and you are able to drag him/her to jail. Once they regain consciousness however they will be able to rebel, move, flee or fight. This making the experience more realistic and fair. Once a player's bounty is collected it drops dramatically and he/she is sent to jail.

Once in jail you have a few options. Here is where Officer Kaio becomes useful.

Option One: Speak to Officer Kaio and post bail.(Your bounty will drop) But you will be free.

Option Two: Have a friend or alt speak to Officer Kaio in skull island and Post bail for you.(Your bounty will drop.)

Option Three: Bust the bars and run through the guards and break out! (Your bounty will increase)

Other changes and updates
Range mobs!

oh and, Sochi has a new look!

Night Time!

Damn my nigga, you up 8:30 updating and shit.

Updates look beast so it is worth it.
Wow great update pride! goodjob.
I love the new sochi :)
so with the loot thing if i get looted i lose all my escudo? if that is how loot works will the bank take escudo now?
Wow Nice Update
Sochi looks great now, I'm kind of ambivalent about the jail concept though.
Sochi looks like Magnolia Town now :D (Fairy Tail Town)
So you need rep to bounty hunt wtf?
Boba Fett lol.
this is dope