To any1 who plays the game and actually cares....

My computer broke around january so thats why the new game isn't up

the host computer broke a little over a week ago so thats why the old game aint up

right now we have Howard doing some programming(But not much)

Seph,Duo, and Dark on Suit icons

Obake and tobi on multi-tiled icons

Avenger(As far as I know) on attacks

Suzaku and killua on Graphic Art

and i just realized i have a start to my story but the rest is lame so if any1 actually has ideas for the story mode it would be appritiated

and i might get my computer in a week or 2 so yea see you then
What kind of story you looking for?
Dark_Prince6702 wrote:
What kind of story you looking for?

well basically it starts off at the fight with Naruto and God Realm Pain and Sephiroth and Genesis Comes and invades them and then from there it just goes downhill mainly cause i dont have story writing skills XD
whats up Dbar its Infinity you mind uninviting from your new org so i can log back in the game lol (AKA unbanning me, my key was momma said Knock you out, and the name of that alt was ~ninja~), and yea ima work on your story line some see what i can come up with. You should say it in a announce that you holding a contest for the best storyline, and everybody will just hit up they story in the forums.
Part 1

Naruto and Pain collide in a head to head battle to decide the fate of the ninja world. Naruto readies himself for a Rasenshuriken while Pain readies his shinra Tensei, but as the two prepare for their final showdown a portal comes between them. Two hands come out of the portal catching not only naruto's rasenshuriken as if it were nothing, but also stopping pain's shinra tensei. Then the ground quakes opening up and swallowing Naruto and Pain without a bit of remorse. The Konoha Ninja are star struck as they see the two men who took down Naruto and Pain, they ask the intruders who they are, and are answered with punches across their faces and a loud roar saying,"Let the Invasion Begin!"

And ill get back to you on part 2 that will include your genesis and sephiroth stuff if you want me to?
I actually like this aprt and we are having mmore information on the forum about the story and winner gets gm in new game
cool then, ill try to get the part 2 back to you sometime today