Dragonball Gekisen

by Master Koenorotto
Dragonball Gekisen
A Super Awesome Dragonball Anime Game that has been developed upon for over 5 Years Come Join -Created by Masterdan-
A Dbz anime game, with TrustWorthy People to help you through the game, so fear not Newbies are very welcome to this game, It has:

1.A flexiable Fighting system
2.New Missions every 2 weeks
3.A great over look on they way a dbz game should be.
4.A dedicated Coder and mapper, to Insure, that youll see something new every week..
5.All the twists and turns, of a the Original Dragonball Z/GT Anime, Television show.
6.Custom Clothings Weapons, and Attacks, Bring your own Icons into the game!
7.A Realistic Trainning Set up, So Feel proud, when you Achieve a Power, that No other player has!
8. Guildhouses,and Guild Items, and World Champion Mansion, along with Trustly Minions that you command when Presented Title of the Current Residing World Champ.
9.Secret,Items that can only be found, by going to the deeper farther corners of the game!
10.A reliable staff that is Willing and Ready Help out when they can!

To find out more Come see for your self!

Engine Originally Created by : Masterdan