Pokemon: Master Series

by Thelavaking
Pokemon game from 2005
This is a game made by TLK and Lt.Surge, This is my baby, and I will hurt you if you abuse it.


Owner: Marluxia (Thelavaking)
Co-owner: Onaga (SC3PTR3)

Host: (In need of)
GM Lvl 3: Cloud11808

Gym Leaders:

Bug; 4 Bug Pokemon; level 1000: (Open)
Dark; 4 Ghost Pokemon; level 1000: (Open)
Dragon; 4 Dragon Pokemon; level 1000: (Open)
Electric; 4 Electric Pokemon; level 1000: (Open)
Fighting; 4 Fighting and/or Normal Pokemon; level 1000: (Open)
Fire; 4 Fire Pokemon; level 1000: (Open)
Flying; 4 Flying Pokemon; level 1000: (Open)

Team Leaders:

Aqua; 5 Water Pokemon; level 1500: (Open)
Magma; 5 Fire Pokemon; level 1500: (Open)
Ranger; 5 Pokemon Of any type; level 1500: (Open)
Galactic; 2 Psychic, 2 Fighting, 1 Dragon Pokemon; level 1500: (Open)

Elite Four:

Ice; 5 Ice and/or Water Pokemon; level 1500: (Open)
Fighting; 5 Fighting and/or Normal Pokemon; level 2000: (Open)
Psychic; 5 Psychic Pokemon; level 2000: (Open)
Dragon; 5 Dragon Pokemon; level 2000: (Open)

Champion; Any Pokemon; level 5000: (Open)

1. Do not ask for Admin.
2. Respect fellow players and ranking players.
3. No Spammingor Swearing of anykind.
6. Do not randomly attack players pokemon,ask to battle first.
7. Do not advertise other games,you will be muted.
8. Trainers, do not randomly catch people..
9. No icons Praise Trainer Icons.
10. If it becomes an rp game, stay in character or use Brackets.

GM Rules

1. No Abusing of your powers, This game is my baby...
2. Have a reason, and a good one, to punish players.
3. Respect everyone, don't ride on a high horse.
4. Your powers can be taken away at any time, so you better not pout cause Your powers can be taken away at any time.
6. I have a log....

Copyright 2005-2011 Sulphix Gaming Co. Productions. All rights reserved.
Nothing may be ripped/copied/used Without consent from Thelavaking, or Aaron who has dissapeared. All work (code, gfx screens and mapping) are created in BYOND icon format by the Staff and byond Community and in no way do we consider these icons of the Pokemon(TM) Company our own. Any rippers of any icons without proper acceptance by the owners will be reported to the byond staff. This has been a message from Sulphix Gaming Co.