by LexyBitch
On-line RPG hopefully remniscent of the Ultima Trilogy. Engine in good condition, world is unfinished.
LexyMUD is an interactive role-playing experience inspired by classic tile-based compute RPGs. The engine is quite stable and nearly finished, but I have this listed as alpha because the world is nowhere near complete. The areas avalaible now are mostly empty (except for wandering monsters, of course), and while they may resemble the sorts of environments the finished world will have, they may or may not be included in the final version.

Recent Changes:
Made some behind-the-scene differences in the way shops are handled that will make it muuuuuch easier for me to add new shops, so expect Rithingdale to actually contain something the next time LexyMUD is up... of course, I don't know for certain that anyone's ever found Rithingdale. Dankmar Dungeon has also been improved, but again, I don't think anyone's ever found Dankmar Dungeon. (Hint: ispell-day the iron all-way in Artemis's andbox-say.

Added containers and a "rename" verb for items. Fully expect the latter to be abused viciously.