Mystic Journey

by Secxs
Entice your sense of exploration!
In response to Swarmy
I keep missing you when you come on! This is Fay btw =P
You should come around just to bullshit with the rest of us oldschoolers =)
So happy I am always able to come back to this game! Love seeing so many of the old school players still coming around. Love the updates and look forward to more! Hope we keep seeing new players enjoying this classic! =)
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Greeted by "When Doves Die" by Prince.
Can't take the pressure and logout.
Hi there!
I get poor latency connecting from Oceania
Is it possible & ethical for me to enjoy this game offline?

May try my luck using a tunnel. Where is your server based?
Kind regards :D
Bleach: Las Noches is back under a new name. Come check out Soul Society! Relive the classic. Updating frequently, with two months of history.
Crazy how long its been since playing this..
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