Ok, on an update... I'm divorced now, Mom passed away from a new cancer in her lung on 12/14/08 at 9:32 pm EST. I don't know if I'm returning yet, it seems most if not all of my friends have left Byond now. I still have my half finished "Crystal Quest" game, but my DS coding knowledge has dwindled over the passing years. I'm 23 years old now and was 16 when I started on Byond. It makes one wonder if he is too old to be involved in a silly computer game. Oh well, enough of my pointless pondering. I hope this is helpful to any of my remaining "Byond buddies" that I am unaware of at this moment.

P.s. I want to apologize to anyone who I have pissed off with my immaturity on here in my younger years

-Kalen Jesse Manhart (Krow)-
Sorry to hear that.
I remember you from Jokerjohn's Majins and Mystics game. You probably don't remember me though.
Hope you can set your life straight again and do what's right.
I'm sorry for your loss DK.

And don't worry about age. I'm 20, some users here are in their late 40s. Age isn't a factor when you're having fun.
Im sorry to hear about your mom, I'm 18 next month and my past away just last year of cancer too. You should stick around my friend there is good amongst the BYOND Fellows.
Thanks Meta, Tibby & Rickoshay. I appreciate the concern, & I thought you were older than me Tibby?... Anyways I'm sticking around for a bit to see who is still paying and to see if I can get together a team to help finish Crystal Quest. If I cant get CQ finished, it's not that big of a deal but so far as I expected there are about 3 out of 40+ people on my pager that have logged in so far. I will see how it goes with me on here and see if I can still be as hooked on Byond as I used to be before this downward spiral.