Final Fight

by DarkMoonProductions
Final Fight
[PvP & RP Servers] Explore this expansive recreation of the Ninja World. Endless timeline, immense environment with vast lands. Live and breathe the life as a Shinobi, Samurai and many others.
That is what make it STUPID AND BORING!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder whats going on..
NFF needs updates.

New features.

Otherwise it's going to die.
Someone unban me already... :/
Help me please, my account was deleted after a reboot world and I dont know why, I saved before. Thanks
Every time I'm playing, suddently crashes and when I try to load my game, it shows : "You have been Marked as AFK" HOW DO I SOLVE THAT !? PLEASE !
bring the game up how tf are u suppose to play if yall can never host the shit correctly
why is the game down?
Bring this Game back with v4 that was like fuuinjutsu and final fight combine, it had good graphics and i liked it a lot.
im going to text everyday until u bring this game back up.
If not im bringing fuuinjutsu back so, going to get a lot of ppl on that game because it what so good, it made me quakeee.
if u are reading this play fuuinjutsu my name is Gokan, get your friends to play on the game too until NFF is back up, fuuinjutsu will fill in the Void.
I can host
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