Final Fight

by DarkMoonProductions
Final Fight
[PvP & RP Servers] Explore this expansive recreation of the Ninja World. Endless timeline, immense environment with vast lands. Live and breathe the life as a Shinobi, Samurai and many others.
still waiting been playing cosab bored to death i had a lot of training to do
How in the hell do u become a memeber on the forum, im a prememeber and dont know what to do
As soon as you add a comment to what ever forum post, you'll officially become a member.
Not like I'd try to imply anything, but perhaps somebody could take care of the server being down? :|
Damn man I want to play already
Whirlpool genjustu. Use turn on player and make client screen of whirlpool.

Easy code for the client screen image/ HUD. Just replace transactions dmi and repeat the verb until genjustu is broken. Make it teachable give it kunai genjustu npc.
In response to AlbinoRedEyedTreeFrog
AlbinoRedEyedTreeFrog wrote:
As soon as you add a comment to what ever forum post, you'll officially become a member.

OK but heres the problem, I cant post, reply to, send messages so how am i suppose to comment?

n not reply to topics that you have not started
Error Code: 12003:301877
Your group does not have permission to start topics in any forum.
Error Code: 13001:301877
You do not have permission to send a message.
Error Code: 18039:301877

I have the same issue
When will the game be up?
OMG, it just crashed again.....
Why am i banned? -.-
These are all good questions.
Kyomou Karue could beat this with one skill.

See how he hits himself. That's all the info I need.

Unban me when AOE genjustu are fixed

I want to max out my skills

I think there should be a passive where if you master substition and your reflex is high enough you have a chance to auto dodge attacks making whatever would have hit you damage 0. Kinda like ultimate justu in naruto ultimate ninja storm.
This include genjustu dodging. Of course any other justu or asd attacks dodging when they cause damage. Gives game a more naruto feel to say nope that attack missed cause of my substition skill is so easy to do. No cooldown. Just make chakra go down when players dodge attacks. And have option to dodge attacks on or off in commmands so they don't drain chakra they don't want to. Call it substition passive or something.

See dragon universe precognition skill for reference of how it might work.
what happned to the game?
Why isn't the game up?
The server was lost in a cyber-vortex. Now you are free to find a hobby.
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what happened with the game?
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