Resident Evil Zombies Terror

by Dark_rathen
Resident Evil Zombies Terror
The Game with Guns, School Girls, Herbs Cops and of Course, Lots and lots of Zombies
Belive it or not folks, this is not a rip of Strais Out break! ( omg i know! how ever i did read it :P )

But, besides the fact of it all, this games just for fun, stressed out? commonto the game and blast some zombies apart, grab a knife, and stab the crap out of those walking green freaks, or pick up your favorite gun and pick them off.

There are bodygaurds, but a word of warning, they get you stuck sometimes randomly, and they die...alott :P

There is some basic help pictures also in the game

1 whole map thats about 300 by 300 ( roughly ) and some turfs were that of misc. artists from around that make some good turfs ( so i used them to good use! )

If you just want something to do out of boredom come and play

one last warning, theres alott of blood...and i mean alott as in, you shoot something blood goes all over the place blood...its kind of nasty and if you have a weak stomach, i suggest playing a game that doesnt have blood...well less blood...and i suggest Dragon Warrior Shadows of Edrick! hee hee =)

anyways, come check it out, its fun!