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I've added a commentary section, so if you have any comments on the site in general, feel free to rant away.
Love the new layout. Thumbs up.
New layout is awesome!
I love being able to make a post for a game that only has half a dozen people on the high scores list, and at the end of the day find that a whole bunch of people have tried it out and now the high scores list fills up the page.
Someone should start a Masochism guild. Some of these games would qualify.
Off-topic: This blog is damn sexy.

Re-posted it here.
I Like the Page Layout. Makes it look professional. +1
Thanks, that's what I was going for.
Very Clever on the Navigation bar on top below the header.
Great Page Layout
I clicked your name, and I thought I got navigated to an outside website. Awesome CSS.
Where have you disappeared to, o great Foomer?
Same, Theironx. Also, Foomer, where'd you go?
how do you place stairs to make them work in Tomb Editor
Set the tag value of the stairs you want to travel to, and then set the ref value of the stairs that you want to link to it from. Same for portals.
Are you alive?