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I know what dream maker and dream daemon is, but what is dream seeker?
Dream Seeker is the program you use to play games on BYOND. It is currently used for playing any game you may find, or even host yourself. The only time I believe that it might not be used is when you Run a game directly from its source in Dream Maker; that's a bit different and more local.
Hi Nourn,

Dream seeker is the environment that games are played in. Dream seeker is a virtual machine, where stuff made with DM is displayed in, including skins files, icon files (or text icons), macros, resources, and more.

Basically, when you join a game, or run a game from dream maker, your running dream seeker, which is to say that you use dream seeker alot.

Hope this helps,
oh ok, thank you, so its not an actual program that you open up like dream maker or dream daemon
Yep, that's correct, you can't simply "run" dream seeker without telling it what to run, because if it doesn't have anything to run, it's like it doesn't exist.