Dragonball Bouken

by Forerunnerz
Dragonball Bouken
Game going up in 2 weeks currently working on the engine 1-3 hrs a day, still recruiting people to join the staff, and @ the current staff, I will be gone from MSN for a while. To help out with the game add me on a messenger; [email protected]

Staff message: Staff please get to work, I am also working extremely hard on the game while I'm away. Thanks guys, ttyl on MSN.

Forerunnerz(myself); programmer, pixel artist, mapper, interface designer, and hub designer. Woah that was quite a mouthful >:OOO.

Farstal; GFX artist and pixel artist.

Marc; GFX artist, web designer, backup programmer.

Amazingly polished game; most glitches are patched, and the game features incredibly easy, and fun gameplay using multiple different control options to play as you see fit. The engine looks so great in it's current state, it's unbelievable and I wouldn't be surprised if the game made it in the top 10 in a matter of days.

Huge open world to explore; When mapping the game, my intention was to give players the feeling they are in an open world, meaning non linear maps & gameplay, large terrains, wide streets & more.

Fun, fast paced combat system; With After-Image, Zanzoken, knock backs, combos and more, the gameplay never gets dull and boring and you'll always find yourself facing a new challenge.

No verbs; The game is all made without verbs in mind. There are customizable hotkeys with simple drag&drop, and over 10 basic verbs mapped in to your keyboard by default.

No self-training; Having played tons of games(including rips) on BYOND, I have noticed that no one likes a game where you hit a verb and wait countless hours until your level is over 9000. Training will be done by doing quests, fighting enemies, and just sparring with friends.

Amazing amount of replayability; You'll never find yourself getting bored, training will be easy and fun, you will be able to develop your characters ki techniques, melee attacks, and combos through the easy to use skill tree. Being able to upgrade each move up to 4 times, and raise your character a number of ways, you'll never find yourself playing through the same thing over and over.

Things done this week;
Engine still being worked on and remastered closely.

Some more bug fixes, almost rid of them all.

9 new moves added; Spirit Bomb, Dragon Dash, Explosive Wave, Destructo Disk, Hellzone Grenade, Dark Rage, Galik Gun, Galactic Cannon and Golden Dragon Fist.

Namekian Race added.

Veggeto hairstyle added.

Broly hairstyle added.

Broly outfit added.

Skill creator added; Create your own skills from a whole bunch of premade icons and customize the stats, attributes, abilities, and other things of your skill.

Bomb(Spirit Bomb, Death Bomb, etc) engine added.

Super Saiyan 3 added.

WIP Super Saiyan 4 base, hair, and clothing being made.

Namekians' now have their own fighting style. They can attack from medium range with their stretchable arms.

Combat made faster; Speed enhanced, movement enhanced.

More effects added such as large craters and wind/Ki knockbacks.

Some balancing done.

Things left to do before engine is finished:

Add in a couple of more features.
Hey guys, please drop in suggestions for Dragonball Bouken here. Thanks.
whats your msn
Bobbyawesome wrote:
whats your msn

You have my MSN, it's [email protected]
your never on
Bobbyawesome wrote:
your never on

Really? Hes on almost every day on my msn xD
I know i figured that out
Cyberlord You pmitch and forez owes the only good original games on byond
Bobby will just steal things, ask for host (then ask for staff), or show you his ass over MSN.
Rugg wrote:
Bobby will just steal things, ask for host (then ask for staff), or show you his ass over MSN.

lmfao! sorry but I had to laugh at that :"}.

Nah i dont want host i dont like hosting anymore and i dont show my ass to people i moon people it a little bit diffrent change of vocabulasry and i wont steal thing i wont need the thing because my dbz is going to have a diffrent base duh dumbass
And fore it looks like you dont have a fourm designer can i help out at that spot
What in the hell happened to this game.

I noticed on the front page that you said training will be 'easy'. I hope you don't actually intend to make it too easy as most players also like a challenge.

You could attempt to make it somewhat hard but make the training so much fun that it would not matter how hard getting your character up is because your having a great time doing it.
I guess this isn't coming out. olol
when this game going be up i want to play it
your never gonna see of this, its a fail. It's 2011 and it hasnt shown up
yea hes right pleae i ant to ply it
PLEASE BE OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please
Rugg wrote:
Bobby will just steal things, ask for host (then ask for staff), or show you his ass over MSN.

Suck my dangly bits!
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