Ember Tale

by Tony WK
Deeply Indepth RPG, great group-based quest, full of a beautiful roleplaying atmosphere. Take part in the greatest story ever told.
About Ember Tale
  • Ember Tale is one of the best RPGs to hit the BYOND community
    yet. It has a certain set of features that'll set itself away from the
    other games. Many of them were brought to myself (Tony) by all my avid
    gaming buddies who suggested a lot to me in the development of my game.
    Anyway, Ember Tale IS A ROLEPLAYING GAME. You will play the role of
    your character in a large world where the objective is to make a Tale out
    of your character's long-lived life. Sounds corny, obviously. But what is
    your definintion of a great RPG? This game is exactly what I want it to
    imply, a roleplaying game. The steps you take, every move you make, every
    choice you choose, will affect you in some way. You build yourself,
    physically and mentally better, as you progress because this character is
    in his own world and life and you are his soul. You collect artifacts, you
    build yourself a wealthy abundance of gold where you prosper, or you live
    a savage and barbarious life, pillaging villages, attack innocent
    travelers along the Briala Route, showing absolutely no mercy. You are who
    you are, and this is what makes your tale.

04/25/04 // Construction over the last year has been going smoothly, expect some open alpha test soon. :)

5/14/2016 - 12 years later, it's finally coming back online.