I'll (hopefully) be on Nintendo WiFi later tonight at my grandparents house, since they have a wireless connection. If anyone is interested in playing with me, post your friend code and I'll add you.

I should hopefully get a wireless connection setup this week also, and possibly Animal Crossing. If not, next week for sure. =)
What you playing? Animal Crossing or Mario Kart? those are the two I have.
Mario Kart is the only one I own right now :P
I'm now connected:

I have Animal Crossing and Mario Kart DS

Animal Crossing:

Friend code:


Name: James Town: Idoit (Yes, don't ask ;) )

Mario Kart DS:

Friend code: 094552934450
I Have mario kart it pwns tell me when you want to play me.
My animal crossing friend code I don't have yet but I have others:

::Mario Kart: 060197-160708
::Metroid Prime: 4982-8504-2826