by Narutoo09
The First Ever Star Trek Game That Isnt RP On Byond

1. No Spamming

2. No Advertising Of Any Kind

3. Be Respectful To Other Players

4. No Abusing Any Bugs

5. No Offensive Cursing

6. No Fighting

7. No Attacking In The Safezone

8. No Attacking In The Training area

9. Be respectful to all staff

10. Have Fun....Or Your Baned!

Staff Rules:

1. No editing players at anytime unless you are fixing a bug

2. No giving out ranking items or any items to non-staff at all times

3. Be respectful and act responsibly at all time

4. No abusing of verbs (aka, spam announce, tele kill, editing players, giving free items away to non rankers)

5. All Staff are not allowed to participate in the Tournament

6.All player rules apply to Admins and GM's as well
All Rankers Gets A Free Ship Of Their Choice And 5 mil Credits