Money Making Madness

by Derekjeterisgod
No, it is not dangerous to confuse Money Making Madness with angels. Updated almost daily since March 27th, 2007
Make some money by using your skills, the better the skill, the better the items you can use. This means you can get better things to sell or use to make money!

All known bugs gone, new features, monsters, items, and more! Come inside to see what else is new.

Moved to beta version! Full MUD capabilities now avalible in this version (Beta 1.7) Good luck!

Fixed all current bugs, hopefully this is the last alpha version, in the next version(Beta 1.0) there will be more skills, equipment, no level boundrys + more!

Working on a huge update... Most bugs are fixed but the release of the next version is still not ready so be prepared for anything! Also Working on the website daily! Keep checking up on things and let me know in the forums if you have any ideas or bug reports.

Downloadable test is out, all known bugs are fixedsome minor bugs are in the demo download but the game is playable and everything is ready to be tested!

Downloadable version will be released shortly.

Updated all systems and skills

Rewrote the shop system, sell works with every item now