Contract to Chaos

by Megablaze
Side view fighter. Similar to super smash brothers.
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A = Attack (3-hit combo will launch enemies in your direction, and down+A will launch enemies in front and behind your character.)
S = Special (different characters have different specials)
D = Defend (hold down to block)
Z = Psycho Shift (when your blue bar is full)
Arrow Keys = Move and Jump

Ctrl+G = Bug/Abuse/Suggestion report.
Ctrl+H = Whisper
Space/Enter = Chat in a match
Esc = Return to lobby
Tab = Show score

Latest update:

-Better interface
-Random glitch fixes

Upcoming update:

-Finish more icons or something...
-Dr. Claw's psycho shift (delayed from lack of completed icon)
-Add descriptions for characters


-Characters: (2 complete, 3 bases)
-Battle System: 70%
-Movement/Control: 100%(possible bugs)
-AI: 33%
-Maps: (2 complete, 1 semi complete with temp background)
-Interface: 50%
-Game Modes: 40%
Pretty good, keep up the work!
awesome game play it