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Hey Can U Tell Me The Verbs For Naruto Killed In Action My Msn Is [email protected]
Hey James, its your old friend Jordan from Naruto KIA. I was the second Co-Owner under your brother. Anyways I wanted to know if we could work on KIA and maybe update it to current Naruto. My msn is [email protected]
Seems you either dead, or quit byond. Eitherway, if you quit, would you mind giving the source to KIA over msn? [email protected]
hey can u get someone to host the game i really wanna play it please!
Hey,Can i help for NKIA i can host can stay and work 24/7
(can wright your msn...)
Hey Jbozza, can you get on KIA or maybe pass it on someone. I'd really like to play an updated version of this game. So if you can get on it'll be much appreciated
yo man u should serioslu hop online mre often

Hello Bozza, long time no see if you happen to log in some day or your brother i would like to talk with you about KIA.

was hoping i could host it full and rebuild it like old times :D

Hope to see you soon!