Keywords: development
If you've played My Life as a Spy (MLAAS) since I've started work on it you've probably noticed things haven't changed a whole lot. My first focus was of course fixing bugs, and once I did that I wanted to focus on the little things people have been waiting for and wanting for years.

I feel I have finally gotten a good grasp on the source for the game and fulfilled enough of what I set out to do for what I called the 'Apollo' version-set of the game.

This release set saw major bug fixes and some pretty cool new features like dynamic lighting and related effects, a new area and some changes to existing areas.

The next release now dubbed 'Hermes' will be a release focusing on expanding the game and adding features. This is what I've been waiting for, and what I'm sure you've been waiting for.

New areas, gameplay elements, tasks, and all that, I have lots of plans. I've been coming up with ideas to draw people who used to play back to the game and I think everyone will like the things I've come up with.

I don't want to give too many details out because I want the update to be a genuine surprise in most cases but I have posted a little bit of a teaser over at the MLAAS forums.

So if you've been playing MLAAS from the start or have never played it before be sure to drop by and see what's new. And be sure to stay tuned and catch this next major release!