yeah I'm high and bored... ummm Well guys I got soem info for DDMO(Dungeon Dice Monsters Online) when it comes out, In YDDM(Yugioh Dungeon Dice Monsters for the GBA (Gameboy Advance(yeah I know im going heavy with these "()" but I just felt like making myself totally clear))) you can use any number of any dice that you wanted, I used a dice pool that consisted of 2 monters, 6 of 1 and 7 of the other to make 15. Well I come to find out the other day that Kajika isn't going to allow that, he is going to allow only 3 of each dye per dice pool. I myself don't agree with this discision for the fact that it goes against how the real game is, and I really really love my dice pool, but its not my decision so we're gonna have to go along with it. So I went ahead and made another dice pool, this is in the YDDM game, It consisted of 3 of each of those dice, and 3 sets of other kinds of dice, 3 each, so that made my new dicepool, and I found out, that I made an even better dice pool. SO 2 good things come from this, Im gonna pwn when DDMO comes out and I learned something. Like I'm said I'm high right now so i forgot what I learned, but I did learn it. Well thats about it for me. Allright guys, go ahead and post.
u must be high if ur talking about yu-gi-oh =x
omg i kool coz i high kthx.

I hate drugs...
I hate drungs...
I hate "drungs", too.
Har Har, funny aren't we. Haven't you got someone else to anoy yet?