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I have been getting Dos attack from a player i banned from my game - his key is Devil21, i need a way to stop this i am sure it is a dos attack because on my router log i got this

[DoS Attack: ACK Scan] from source:, port 80, Saturday, April 21,2012 20:41:15

please help me, my game is up, but then suddenly everoyne logged in gets exited out, the game still stays up though.
If you received a DoS attack directly, and your router picked it up, contact your Service Provider. BYOND moderators and staff cannot intervene and control your computer/internet service. The most they can do is ban him from the website and/or the pager system able to log into games.

That is a criminal offense and you should report it to the proper authorities.
Ok thank you, i was just telling you guys, so i believe you should do something about Devil21, he is ruining byond
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I know it sounds like a hand-wave, but internal or game-specific matters aren't anything to do with us; we can't do anything about them, and they're not something we act on.

If he were to attack BYOND directly, that would obviously be a different matter.

As Mr. Robert said, this is a criminal matter, take it to the authorities, not us.