Pokemon Challenger

by Polatrite
Pokemon Challenger
Pokemon with a new twist! Use your team of Pokemon to fight back wild Pokemon and conquer the Badge Challenges to become the Champion!
why whenever the spearow eveolves it evolves into a spearow???????is it a bug or missing icon?
bug no evolution added i believe or mess in the coding
once again, i think melee badge is bugged i beat it and game didnt reboot. please look into it. Im gonna check and se e if i get badge now
Confirmed melee badge bugged. Tried it again beat the leader then nothing happens.
Restart the servers?
It's to bad that this game is gonna be dead this summer.Last summer it was so much fun, there would actually be 30 people on one server but i guess it got boring.
Vermolius wrote:

Indeed, polatrite hasn't been on to fix the damn servers so they got bugs.
Is there still a Download link for this Game i dont know what happened to it?
i lost all my starters why?
fix the servers? people have bugged them as usual
agreed with Vortex, the servers have been bugged for 72 hours now, please fix them and ban these noobs that are afk on the servers
i lost my starters to and that kin of angers me
plz fix this it is my fave game ever 1,000 stars
theres a guest key afk on every server its getting anoying
=( Why Is this game bugged?
I love this game. Polatrite if you could make it so that there was multiplayer and single player that would be amazing.
Omg honsetly, same here im getting so annoyedthat I can't play anymore because guests are taking all the servers and never playing, if you could fix that it would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks Polatrite :-)
omfg get rid of that guest it is driving me crazy!!
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