Pokemon Challenger

by Polatrite
Pokemon Challenger
Pokemon with a new twist! Use your team of Pokemon to fight back wild Pokemon and conquer the Badge Challenges to become the Champion!
Come on Pola.. My main BYOND acc (Dragongoku20) needs more EXP. XD
Omg I wanna play too yal' so get the f*** up off your lazy ass Pola and fix the server....
I'm agreeing with everyone else saying, FIX THAT DAMN BUG!!! Thank you.
Pola needs to fix the bug with that guest.
Only the leader can send the next wave! The current leader is Guest-3088301991.

how do i save the game???if i knew i would play ALOT!
Ummm what happened too the starters u get from winning medals i hade alot now there all gone D:
if u dont fix the problem wit those blockers noone will ever go to none of ur games agian
i wanna play i waited a few days but all the severs are still bugged fix plz
Ban Anthonyswn he is currently blocking 3 servers
why don't you guys just put up the host files? that way when somebody wants to play, they just host their own server. *shrugs*
i freaking hate that guest
That "Coolmat" guy ruins this game. Joins the game then if you're in a wave he will set it to wave 99 so you instant lose then he joins. He keeps repeating the same waves aswell claiming he is "training" when if he wants to do that he can fuck off and play Pokemon Citrine. As long as he keeps joining this shit it's going no where. This game is wank.
Artix7071 wrote:
i freaking hate that guest

True that bra
I wish they can finish it faster
some severs get bugged still but the games still awesome
now its calvin911
and noonjack i wish hed put up the download button again so we can play it at r own will
Is this game going to get a download button anytime soon? Somebody has blocked it off so nobody can play it. It'd be cool if it got a download button! Thanks!
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