Pokemon Challenger

by Polatrite
Pokemon Challenger
Pokemon with a new twist! Use your team of Pokemon to fight back wild Pokemon and conquer the Badge Challenges to become the Champion!
i wish somebody would fix this game!!! i cant get past wave 1 and this was one of my favorite games
IP kick AND BAN MJM12 hes afking on all 4 servers. this is one of my favorite games and you should add an afk kicker so if wave host doesn't start the wave in 10 minutes he gets kicked
Ty for fixing :)
Of course! And thank you for playing. I'm going to try and work on another patch to fix this issue from happening in the future.
Did you really just advertise DBZ crap on a Pokemon game?
y am i not able to get medals even when i beat the challenge for it?
can you plz fix the game so people can play... ty
who hosts these servers?
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when well the sever go back up because this game is my favorite game
this game just seems to be impossable i've tryed like nearly every way i can to try and go through it but the farest i got was wave 40 and that was because the last 10 waves i just spammed poke ball at the pokemon then relsed them to do the same thing next wave it really need to be made easier or ah like potion i feel that u can't really do anything to help your pokemon
The game is quite difficult at higher waves! Have some friends join you and see how far you can get.
Plus unova pokemons in this game and reduce the dificulty of first gym =P
the first gym is ridiculous hard man =P
Fun stats!

260~ players have beaten the first gym, 240 the second, 170 the third, 80 the fourth, etc.

10500~ people have played the game, 800 have played for a long period of time, 300 have played for a REALLY long period of time.

1000 have beaten the first 50 waves, but only 70 have beaten all 100 waves.
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wave 89 broke down for me i got all the way to it and it stopped sending out pokemon :[
If you catch a Blissey later on it wont have normal moves. Once you catch them they will act as a "statue" and won't move. When they respawn after dying they do not reappear and force your game to reboot. (This happened to me when I solo'd to wave 70)

Once you reach Wave 89 the title for the wave will show, but the pokemon will not spawn, thus forcing you to close the game.

Link : http://gyazo.com/6d9690e2b7ca39ffc3952e82370c32ec

^ That is what happened to me with the team I had.

Hope this helps make Pokemon Challenger a better game. ^^
Thanks for the bug report, I'll look into this once all the servers are back online!
i cant start wave 100 for some reason but when i do the wave command i can do any other wave what is going on? why cant i play wave 100?
some of the later gyms are also bugged frost and up when you beat them you wont get the gym badge and it resets
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