Naruto Ultimate Revised 3.9.5C

by NUR Productions
Naruto Ultimate Revised 3.9.5C
Old version of NUR
Version 3.9.5C hosted on a Shell Server.

Current staff:

Christie (Taynio) (Owner)
It's just a suggestion, but do you think you can add medals to this or something. Stuff for training with the leaf, balloon...receiving genin, jounin, and stuff like that.

That would make the game more interesting, and I would want to play more often.

Probably adding it so that when you receive a certain level you get a medal.

I have plenty more. I'll make another comment about those.
I'm not going to name the medals, I'm just going to give you ideas.

-Balloon Training
-Leaf Training(I don't know exactly what its called i haven't played in a while)
-Receiving Genin
-Receiving Chuunin
-Receiving Jounin
-Receiving Anbu
-Receiving Sannin
-Receiving Kage
-Killing someone in a tournament
-Killing someone with a bounty
I dont know what else you can do, but i think you can think of more, or have your other players do more thinking for your game
If you want NUR to be up, sign yourself up on the "join waiting list" and perhaps write a comment about it here.
It's not needed to keep my PC 24/7 on, lol...
can't update my byond says my pipe is invalid >_<
Well...what are you guys up to. It's been almost 8 months and no word!
Still wish it was back :(

Currently up since 19th of June (2015) :)
Hope it reaches any of you ^^