by Hazman
4k 2008 Entry. CTF in a snowy environment!
This is my 4k 2008 entry. Only the first map works, the others are blank and will cause runtimes (probably). Players are assigned to the team with the least number of players, or green team if there are an equal number.
To score points, collect the flag from the enemy base and then take it to your own flag. The game continues until all players log out, at which point the game resets.
Arrow keys to move
Insert to throw a snowball, you need to hold this down to build up power.
Hold down delete to crouch, you cannot be hit if you are behind a low rock when you are crouching but you cannot throw over them either!

Announcements and speech appears in the box on the right side of the screen. Bolded text means the speech is team only.

Please report any bugs or suggestions, please bear in mind I only have another 140 bytes to use!