Big thanks to Mike H. for answering our questions in such fantastic detail. It's inspiring to get such a positive response from a BYOND official. Thank you Mike. Check it out! (It's our biggest interview yet!)
Whatever server you're using needs to update it's BYOND version; the logins point to
I'm aware. :) Need to contact server administrator.
Is it holy retribution, by chance?
Not loving the exact same question layout in each interview.
Not loving the exact same question layout in each interview.

There is no sense in changing the layout of a webpage per interview, if thats what you mean.
No, I mean they shouldn't ask the same questions over and over.
I don't see a problem with that... It's interesting to see each person's individual answers to those questions... Especially since the repeated questions are all important bits of everyone's BYOND experience...

For instance, "What brought you to BYOND?"

This is a very basic and relavent piece of info for each and every one of us... Each person has a different story, and thus, each person should get to tell that story through these interviews...

And so far, each interview has had some variation in the last few questions (more interviewee-specific questions), so that's all you really need...