For some reason, the Super Smash Bros. BYOND hub had pornographic links in it, and I have no clue why. I removed the two video links, which likely caused it, although it's still weird since I haven't touched the game's hub in a few months.

It should be fixed now, the only links remaining on the hub are the download links which are directly uploaded to my BYOND account.
What were the links?
It was some links to yotube of videos that Basik uploaded awhile back, and the videos ended up not appearing, although now they were showing pornography or something, I don't know. I didn't bother to check, I just removed the links from my hub and it should be fine now.
Wow, that's interesting. Good thing you removed them before anybody probably noticed. I didn't notice at least.
No, BYOND staff did notice. They e-mailed me a notification stating that they disabled the hub and I should remove the links, then message them back to say I removed them, which I did.
I noticed. I was the one who reported.
Shinkaru wrote:
What were the links?

The links were great :) Oon's a Genius. Too bad Stupid Bloodyrogue had to report him.
i say nay
Bloodyrouge wrote:
I noticed. I was the one who reported.

basterd rofl