I know Funimation at one point caused a mass removal of DBZ games, but now I'm being told by someone that DBZ games are allowed again if they are put in the anime section.

Is this true?

I doubt it.
The saddest thing that happened to BYOND is the removal of DBZ games from here. There were so many, even if most of them were Zeta rips, still...
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One of the best things to happen if you ask me. The plethora of poorly-made anime games with 12 year old kids running rampant was a huge smudge on BYOND's face - a smudge that contributed the most(more or less) to BYOND's reputation as a terrible engine.
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Oh, maybe
I disagree. When i was little i used to play a dbz game on byond and i always wanted to learn how to code because i played it. Now 10 years or so later i am about to graduate college for Game design, i can code in basically any language now. Allowing people to make there own games shows that they can do it themselves and while some only had 10-20 players for a little kid that may be significant enough to push them to learn more. the whole idea of byond is to: "build your own net dream"
the whole idea of byond is to: "build your own net dream"

You can. You just can't advertise it on BYOND's website if it's a serious breach of somebody else's copyright and a legal liability.
That's all an entry on the website is. Advertising. You can still use the language, ask for help and use the libraries BYOND offers. You just don't get advertising space.

The DBZ games got removed because Funimation explicitly told BYOND to remove them or there'd be legal action against them, and BYOND is Tom's business and Lummox's employer, so BYOND getting sued would be most unfortunate for them.
Just came back after a long trip away, I never knew this happened. I will admit all the poor clones from 5 years ago were annoying but the Dragon ball rips were drawing in so much traffic back in the day.
if u want DBZ games on byond just google them thats what i did before
Actually Dragonball Z games are allowed on Byond. But they are only allowed the proper way.

Proper Way = If a large company wants to make a game of lets say pokemon. They contact the Pokemon company and try to get a license. Once the license is received they can make the game.
It is the same with Dragonball Z. An administrator on the funimation forums stated that a license can be bought for byond Dragonball Z games. Although I really doubt it be cheap enough for any byond game to afford it.
Why would you buy one? I'm still hosting mine and I haven't been sued yet.
Well lets say if somebody decided to report your game then you would be definitely sued especially if your game makes money. With the license you are free to sell the game and actually make a profit from it.
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Dj dovis wrote:
Well lets say if somebody decided to report your game then you would be definitely sued especially if your game makes money.

Well that's clearly not true, otherwise it would have happened already.
For 1 thing the game he is hosting probably isnt that popular. Why do you thing DBO II shut down and stayed down? It was because funimation personally contacted the owner of that game and warned him that he be sued if development continued. The same would happen to any byond DBZ game if it gained enough popularity. But now most of the DBZ games are dead which dont receive over 30 people on a server.
You said that if someone reported your game, then "you would be definitely sued". That's not the case. 'tis all I'm saying.
Oh, my... Speaking of Funimation.

I hope they don't see that. They'd see it as an act of incompliance and BYOND would be blown away by a lawsuit.
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That game was rejected ages ago, long before the cease and desist was even handed down. It's only possible to find it if you know the exact URL.
Well hopefully no one finds all those file sharing games on BYOND ... since each file is held on the server hosting the game ... the host is therefore liable for all charges ...

Think MegaUpload but small scale and a BYOND program ...

Well I think that's enough dots enjoy reading them.
We're getting off topic, methinks. The intricacies of C&D orders or what corporations and BYOND will or won't do about specific circumstances is kind of irrelevant as far as we're all concerned.

Don't make Funimation-property games.
That's basically the only thing users need to do for us to have no problems.
I think they'd only sue you if they did a C & D (cease and desist) and you didn't comply. Or, if you made ridiculous amounts of money that they want a stake in.
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