Naruto:Last Stand

by Xander993
Naruto:Last Stand,were NNG continues

Naruto: Last Stand
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Main Owner:Dmlsaax,Xander
ALL Credits goes to Berlin and his Team

And me D:
Cap should stay at 500 or 700!
In response to Sofo
Sofo wrote:
Cap should stay at 500 or 700!

I'll add Rebirth and cap will be 1000
Thank You All for Being our fan.Keep inviting and fan us!
sounds alright
can someone unban my dakerjr acc i onjly banned Sodmg cause i was testing my ban >->
Hello there,I am currently updating the game.I will finish as soon as I can.My school just started in August 13,2012,so I will have no time like before.I am adding few things.Thanks for waiting :)

Sup lols my game (me and xander) still alive? o.o??
Game is back
Don't really like nng 2.0?? come try this fast paced pvp intensive NNG!
over 25 clans
All bijuus in
Edo tensei in
5 uchiha genes included
Come try it out and join the family :)!
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Hey, hello, sure.