Tell Me If You Liked Sol
Awsome game one of the best naruto games i've ever played.Nice GM's and the owner Jim makes alot of updates.This is a really great game!
sorry no i didnīt like the game. Looked just like all naruto games that are based on wots. Even if you donīt hate rips you still think you know everything about the game the second you loged in. Iīll you suggested you start from scratch....if you do everything you produce will be better then you current game. Good luck
What does this "SoL" stand for? I believe it has something to do with Anime by the looks of your member's page. Therefore, I change my mind. I do not need to be informed on this "SoL".

Thanks for your time.
the game blows
Ill play it and love it for gm.
yea i like it you should bring it back lol
i luv theh game 1st rank oh and plz make naruto SoL on