Flesh and Drone

by ACWraith
Flesh and Drone
Create/control minions to destroy opposing daemons.
I've been refining the design of my balance and battling game, Flesh and Drone.

Drones will no longer take individual turns. Instead daemons (players) may choose to use any of their drones during their turn. This helps reduce a feedback loop from a relative amount of units and allows me to concentrate on resource management as I originally envisioned.

Daemons must manage their blood. A set amount is gained at the beginning of each round. Daemons use it to bid on drone type modifications, move themselves, summon drones, move drones, make drones attack, and cast spells. When struck by a drone, daemons with blood remaining will lose blood instead of being eliminated from the game.

Drones with the least amount of blood will go first during the battle phase. I'm thinking of making all drones immediately available for modification (or maybe just creation) rather than allowing their creation to be bid on one at a time. I want to make multiple blood loss options available early so that all players have a say in their turn order.

All of this should simplify the interface. I'll remove the eye/0 from daemon pieces and replace it with their amount of blood. This, along with some shadow overlays, will help display who is going first/next so I can remove the Turn Order tab. Overall, players should be able to tell what is going on by simply looking at the map (and maybe the table of drone relationships).