Strife of the Champion

by Dark_rathen
Strife of the Champion
Turn Based Role Playing Game, Join a Group, Get in a Guild, or Beat up your friends, all in good fun
Strife of the Champion

The Game has returned for a short period of time.

The Basic RPG, Skill levels, Spells, Monsters and a Turn based battle system, definitly one worth checking out.

Btw, if your starting off a new character, heres a little FAQ section that will help you out.

A Simple Thing to Remeber, its a Privaledge to play, not a right, abuse this Privaledge, and we will prevent you from coming back.

Also a seccond reminder, Me and The GM/Moderation Staff on the game do this out of our free time. Okay, in other words, a hobby, we arent paid to do this, hence why its free. Little Respect is all im asking please?

Now, Heres how you Do some things.

Q : How do i make a character?
A : Easy, just name your character, Pick a Class and a Gender, you get 250 Gold to start, and 100 in the bank, if you can find the bank in the inn, the first Towns Huge! :D

Q : I Die alott, the Slimes are soo hard!
A : Slow Down there Killer, Depending on your class you have different Strategies on how to Kill the Monsters, for Example, Mage Uses Fire1 at level 1, use that until your MP Dies out, Monk just get some armor and you'll be fine, and the rest, GET WEAPONS! omg they save your life!

Q : How can i heal my self?
A : Carry Potions and Herbs, or use an Inn when ever you can!

Q : How Do i get into Fights?
A : Walk South And wander around ( from the first town ) and you should start to fight monsters. Remeber, Paitence with this game

Q : How do i do stuff in battle?
A : When your turn hits click the button that shows on the screen, then smack up the monsters :D

Q : Will Parties and PVP come back?
A : Parties are Back! And have been for a while, PVP is a little shot but im pretty sure its okay Now, Anyways...

Q : Can i be a GM or a Mod?
A : No lol :P ( let me refrase that, Fuck No )

Q : I Cant use worldsay!
A : Gain some levels, after the first few levels you can start to use worldsay ( Level 4 )

Q : How do i talk to NPC's?
A : Center, while facing them, Press Center Again while facing them to close it

Q : How do i use Shops and other things?
A : When something like that can happen, a "Temp" Tab will open up, be sure to keep an eye out for this Tab because usualy its important!

Q : How do i equip and use items outside of battle?
A : Click the item you want to equip or use, thats it. If its equipment, click it again to unequip it. To do more then just use and equip, try RIGHT clicking :o SHOCKING!

Q : Wheres the Shops in the first town?
A : The Shops are to the Far Left of Town, and the Inn is on the Far Right of Town, along with the inn is a Bank

Q : How do i do the commands in battle?
A : Click the Buttons on the side.

Q : How come the Server Died?!
A : My ISP Box probably overheated again...IM SORRY!!! :'(

Q : I Encounered a Bug, What do i do?
A : Be Smart, dont harrass me or the GM's on game to help you, because I wont, First you ASK nicely, seccondly you post what happened on the forums, dont tell me on game, or ill ignore you, Worldsay isnt for Bug Posting, Forums Are you Iddiots. - Forums

Now, Please, Play Nice, K? Simple.

Now Enjoy the Game. Seriously, quit reading this garbage and Enjoy!

Update, Game Is still under a bit of work, will try to finish it up so you can at least complete what game there is to play =P