Star Wars: The Old Republic

by 2Saruman2
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars Roleplaying game in Progress.
Sauruman when are you planning to bring the game online?
I hope as soon as possible
Will be sooner then you think
Senzaro here. I would just like to state that I am more than capable of 24/7 hosting the game if you need Saruman. You can't pick up players if it is offline more than it is online. I really want to see this game grow as I know it has great potential.
Hello People, this is Danny, nd im imforming you all that i have brought my version back to life, it now has a 24/7 hoster all ranks are open but pirate lord, so come have some fun!

Link : FlareSilverBend.SWNewRepublic?tab=index