Well earlier today I was on playing DDMO. And in two of the matches I played I totally pwned the people I was playing with my awesome DP, I cut them off of 2/3 or more of the feild and then went to town on them, if you look in my shared files I have the screenshots uploaded. Kajika was there to witness, and unfortunatly I didn't get a screenshot of him/her there standing next to me as i finished my opponent off in the first match. BUT, he said that after seeing my duel he thought of a dice effect he might add. Meaning that I was so damn good, he may add dice to compensate for it. Like I said before. I plan to pwn this game, and be the top duelist in it. Well check out the pics in my hosted files, they are under DDMO OWNAGES (1-3) And ANOTHER DDMO OWNAGE(1-3). Tell me what you think.