Well, if you look at the new pics that i just uploaded you'll notice that somebody was using the same dicepool that I had owned them with earlier. Yep somebody stole my DP. His name was Xsoldier. He was the first person that I had owned today, so I come to find out that he copied my DP(dice pool), or at least he tried, he didn't do very well. So since he decided to try to steal my deck, I showed him exactly what he got, a good swift kick in the ass as I began to murder him throught the entire duel, he killed 1 of my monsters, where I also killed 1, but that was only because I made a direct route to his Dice Master, so there was really no need. He thought that he was slick. But when I brought out 2 black luster soldiers in a row, he knew he was done for and begged me to give him a chance to come back. I didn't =). Anyways look at the nice pics named NOOB THEIF GETS PWNED(1-4) and see exactly what came to him.